Based in the heart of Toowoomba, Neilson Eyecare is a true gem in the world of optometry. Situated in a charming Queenslander, just a stone’s throw away from the CBD, this practice offers a truly unique and inviting experience for our valued patients.

The practice treats a diverse range of patients, from babies through to the very old. Their optometrists cover a broad scope, from reading difficulties to migraine vestibular problems and brain injury.

Their cutting-edge technology in myopia control, the Myopia Master, enables not only the control of patient’s myopia but also has a predictive function, enabling the identification of patients who are likely to become myopic in the future.  Believing preventative care is always best.

One of the standout features of Neilson Eyecare is their behavioural practice, helping with children’s reading problems through a dedicated and highly trained vision therapist, using traditional vision training along with virtual reality.

The support staff, with their wealth of optical experience, are there to ensure that your visit is seamless, comfortable, and fun.  They are very proud of their frame range, possibly the best in Toowoomba.  There is a frame to suit every face.

Neilson Eyecare’s motto is simple yet profound: We want to help you “Do Your Thing.” They believe that optimal vision can empower you to pursue your passions, whether it’s reading, playing sports, or any other activity that brings you joy.

Neilson Eyecare is not just a place for eye care; it’s a place where you become part of a caring community. Founded by David and Megan, who, along with their three children, are deeply rooted in their local community. They appreciate the unique advantages of living in a regional city, where relationships matter.

We are excited to welcome Neilson Eyecare to the National Optical Care community and are confident that their commitment to world-class eye care and community-centric approach will enrich our mission of helping people “Do Their Thing.”