I feel very supported by the NOC Support Office Team. Our patient communications are so much better with the support of the NOC marketing team, and I love that we collaborate to ensure any initiatives are a good fit for our patient community.

I feel appreciated and supported as do all the team. I'm accustomed to autonomy in my role as a Practice Manager and this has not changed. I'm enjoying the benefits of working for a larger group, having access to marketing and guidance with human resources as opposed to the limitations at times in a small business.

Jennifer Blackwell – Practice Manager

Vivid Optical

My first year with NOC and optical industry has been exciting and enjoyable learning curve.
The support and help from Management team has been consistent from day one. There is not a moment that I have felt left alone with my questions. NOC has encouraged, helped and offered training for me to be able to look after our patients in best possible way. I am working with a team of happy employees who know they are valued. Even though we have extremely busy days with patients it is still a very positive experience for me knowing that NOC is always supporting me.

Marjo Hamalainen – Practice Manager

Visual Eyes

For the past 3 years I have been working with National Optical Care, I feel that I have been supported and appreciated by the NOC Support Office Team, I have enjoyed my time working with everyone within the company from the Marketing Team, HR Management, right through to the IT support group. Working with NOC I feel that I now work with some of the most skilled individuals that work in the Optical Industry.

Aside from being an effective Practice Manager where I love the autonomy of my role and working with a large professional Team, there is always Career progression which is motivating. I have been lucky enough to also take on a Training Managers role which involves traveling to various practices within the group, meeting with and training lots of interesting people, within varying practice demographics.

Nathan Gallagher – Practice Manager & National Training Manager

Having worked at most of the National Optical Care (NOC) practices in various roles, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the NOC model. There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to how they run things. I have found that each practice has their own unique identity and style, with the support of a larger organisation. This is something I am immensely enjoying being a part of. As an optometrist, I have been able to retain my clinical independence, and we are continually encouraged to strive for the best patient outcomes. At NOC, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most passionate and experienced optometrists and optical dispensers I have ever met. The management team, led by Tomas, is highly supportive of their employee’s professional and personal growth. I would thoroughly recommend NOC to anyone considering joining either as an employee, partner or prospective seller.

Bregan Soh – Optometrist

I have been with NOC now for over 2 years. I've have always felt supported and cared for as an individual, not just an 'employee'. With the ongoing support from everyone, I feel that there is no limit to where my career can take me.

Sandy Mason – Practice Manager

Bay Optics