Anne et Valentin

Made in France 

A different positioning! 

Anne & Valentin is a brand born from the wild dream of two opticians from Toulouse, a town in the South-West of France. The couple, looking for graphic and original frames for their friends, decided to create what they couldn’t find. Today, still driven by our fierce independence and our familial state of mind, we continue to develop a vision that embodies our research, fueled by the highest standards and our love for the object itself. 

In the Anne & Valentin creation studio, our designers cultivate a permanent thinking process where Design plays a central role. We constantly question ourselves and find ways to redefine lines and volumes, rethink the relationship between reliefs and face, draw on the various artistic expressions that have left an imprint in history. Our frames, our visuals, our interior decoration and the furniture in our stores are the results of our work and the concrete manifestations of our ideas. 

Our story evolves with each individual who crosses our path: friends, customers, strangers encountered in the street, emerging or confirmed artists. From their personalities – deep, curious and surprising, who differ, in ages, styles, genres… to Art, in its many shapes and forms – architecture, photography, plastic arts, fashion, cinema, everything is a source of inspiration to our creative flow. Everything is movement. Everything is transformation. Everything is color. Everything is matter. Our curiosity is infinite. 


We are opticians and creators. As such, we have a clear and total understanding of the adventure at stake in the making of a frame and in all the stages involved in the process. 

We have been working together for years, for the most part, sometimes decades. From design to prototype, from image to communication, from sale to distribution, all of our know-how is integrated. We also design and create all the visuals and content of the Brand, as well as the windows and interior design of our stores. 

Today, with several stores and 1,500 carefully selected retailers, Anne & Valentin glasses are worn and exported all around the world. 


The Anne & Valentin brand was born in Toulouse. “Made In France” is for us a moral commitment. We have been working with the same factories located in the French Jura mountains since we started, 30 years ago, aside from a few titanium models that we manufacture in Japan, because the very best titanium is Made in Japan.