Since its founding in 1998, the focus has been on innovation, quality, and sustainability. Frame styles created with that in mind are designed under the leadership of Sven Götti in Switzerland. An unmistakable minimalist and harmonious design language is the distinguishing common thread throughout the collection. It is an unequivocal expression of stylistic confidence, quality, and Swissness.

From initial hand-drawn sketches and design ideas, to marketing, production and worldwide distribution, most work steps take place at the Wädenswil headquarters. Solely acetate and titanium glasses are produced in collaboration with specialized manufacturers in Germany, Austria, and Japan.

A pair of glasses always consists of the same three components: two temples and a front piece with two lenses. However, it’s in our nature as humans to develop countless variants of this over time. I am glad to be a part of this never ending universe of eyeglasses. When I developed my first pair of glasses over 25 years ago, it was the beginning of a passion that continues to inspire me to this day. The aesthetics, zeitgeist, materials, fine mechanical solutions, and lately also the pos-sibilities of 3-D printing – these are all part of the formula for making beautiful glasses