Tree Spectacles

Essentially, the design team is always ready to get inspired and create design spectacles. They firmly believe in curiosity and openness to the new, which they constantly match and reinterpret with their style that aspires to perfection. They are dedicated to developing new products while staying true to their design philosophy of evolution, not revolution. 

Their sensibility towards design is based on the versatility of essential shapes and perfect lines. Their designs are influenced by a constant research that leads them to mix ingredients from all over the world, driven by their innate desire for knowledge and natural inclination towards Beauty. They value sudden intuitions that allow them to catch an idea and evolve it. 


Their design approach involves taking care of every single step of product development, from the initial idea and design to its production. They meticulously mix shape and technical solutions with refined materials, paying great attention to details. The final synthesis of their work is perfect in its own elegance. 

Lightness and balance are their basic concepts and inform their design research. It is a mental state they strive for, characterized by harmony, clean lines, and natural shapes that exude elegance. They aim to find connections rather than disconnections between opposite materials and ideas, creating harmonious and coherent styles. 

In the realm of creativity, innovation, and imagination, they embrace the opportunity to let themselves go. They strive for stylistic continuity through the pleasure of innovation. They are continuously amazed by the possibilities. Their idea of design and product is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology.